BPM (Business Process Modeling) Method

BMM is a tool based on most recent results of research and development in the area of process modeling. It can be characterized by the following:

Building of models does not depend on a type of process (main, supporting etc.) and domain area (industry, bank sector, defence systems, services etc.). Each of business processes is modeled from the following three points of view:

Fuctional Model

Functional View. The main aim of this model is an identification of the business process architecture as well as the identification of process customers and products. It means to find answer for the questions what processes are employed by an organization and what is their structure. From this point of view method defines two types of relationships between processes - containment and collaboration. The first one is used to identify subprocesses while the second one shows a possibility of concurrent existence of two or more processes.

Object Model

Object View.This model identifies static structure of all entities (objects) that are essential for the enactment of the process. In other words the answer is found for the question by whom and what the process is realized. This model tries to capture all active objects responsible for an execution of activities and passive objects that can be understood as material, products or documents that are manipulated by the process. All these objects have a set of attributes associated to have the possibility of process measurement and control (time, costs etc.).

Coordination Model

Coordination View.This model is based on previous two and its goal is to show how the process will be enacted. The coordination model specifies interactions among objects (active and/or passive) and defines the way how all these activities are synchronized. The coordination view is the most important because it enables to define the execution order of all activities including conditions for their potential concurrency. It means that the correct order is defined as well as sharing of used resources. Each activity has the time and costs associated to provide necessary information for the activity-based costing analysis.

It is possible to download Java implementation of BPM including a demo file. Save both files into your working directory: BPModel and example file.

Java Runtime is required! It can be downloaded here.